CENJARS December 2021 launch report

CENJARS December 2021 Launch Report

December brought us some more warmer-than-expected weather. Winds were out of the East so we worked with a shorter field but it must have been fine because we had 51 flights and burned 56 motors.

Most of the rockets stayed in the field although Tom had one go left when he expected it to go right. Fortunately, he was able to find it.

Charlie is finally corrupting the membership. More Lemon Drops are being seen on the range. One of them ejected its motor into Brian’s head. No damage was evident that we could determine. The rocket was ok, too.

Mark and Charlie flew their Christmas trees on E motors. That’s the spirit!

Charlie flew the modified Christmas ornament that he gave out last month. It flew surprisingly well however, there was no recovery device so it lawn darted. Back to the drawing board! By the way, he named it “Holey Red Rocket Batman”. Some rocketeers are too young to understand the reference. Ask Charlie about it and he will give you lots of reasons why you had a deprived childhood.

Here are the motor totals:

13 – A motors
11 – B motors
20 – C motors
7 – D motors
4– E motors
1 – F motor

Our next launch is scheduled for January 2nd. Start off the new year with a new rocket? There’s a new sheriff in town so the themes will be up to him.

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