CENJARS December 2020 Launch Report

CENJARS December 2020 Launch Report

On Sunday, December 13, we held our annual December launch. Although we had to wait an extra week due to excessive winds on our original launch date (12/5), boy was it worth it! The weather was positively balmy, with temperatures getting as high as 64 degrees! It was so nice that I even broke out my shorts and flip flops for what proved to be the last time for 2020 considering the wintery weather we’ve had since.

The tropical temperatures brought out an excited group of CENJARS rocketeers to get in their last flights of the year. While the weather was beautiful the winds were fairly brisk, but that didn’t stop anyone from getting in on the action as we had several noteworthy flights. Jim and Vince flew their Goblins on D12s, a great rocket for windy days as they are recovered by streamers. Tom and Charlie flew their Planet Probes, which are also great windy-day rockets as they never go far from the pad even when flying on a C6 motor. Some rocketeers opted to go with shorter delays to battle weathercocking, such as launching on a B6-2 as opposed to the typical B6-4. There were some great flights on the short delay motor, such as Maria’s Estes Crayon, Dorothy’s Spirit, and Augie’s Spirit.

Some other crowd pleasing launches included Dan’s Astron Invaders which executed perfect gliding recoveries on all three flights, a feat difficult to do on a calm day not to mention a windy one. You can tell that Dan spent a lot of time trimming them out, nice job! We also had some mid-power launches off the rails. One example was Brian’s Composite Warehouse Hurricane which soared to the clouds on a G40. Another was my own Mega Der Red Max which flew great on an F67-4. If you’re looking for some mid-power motors on a budget, I recommend checking out the Aerotech Economax F67s as they don’t require HAZMAT shipping!

Being as December is, of course, holiday season we also had two Christmas themed rockets make an appearance. Charlie’s Eight Tiny Reindeer boosted Santa skyward on a D12-5, and Augie flew his Grinch’s S2AASM (Surface-to-Air Anti-Sleigh Missile). Fortunately for children ’round the world the Grinch was unsuccessful in his attempt to blast jolly old Saint Nick from the skies. We also had a Christmas miracle happen right before our eyes. Mouths were agape as we watched Brian launch a rocket powered by something other than a G motor! Not only was it not a G motor, it was an Estes mini-engine. That’s right, Brian flew his Star Trooper on an A3-4T, truly a Christmas miracle.

And so 2020 has come to a close for CENJARS. Thank you to all who came out to the launches this year, especially as we had to modify our schedule and procedures during the COVID pandemic. Despite all the challenges, we had a great year. I hope to see you all at our next launch on Sunday, January 3, 2021.

Have a happy and safe holiday season!

John Falcone

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