CENJARS December 2017 Launch report

CENJARS December 2017 Launch Report

What a wonderful day to launch a rocket or better yet, 67 rockets! The temps were in the 50s and the winds were light to nonexistent. With such light winds, the A motors were scarce, and the larger motors were the norm.

A few of the notable flights were Dan’s gliders, one of them being a disk that flew very nicely. Brian had a new toy that runs a video camera to track his rocket. It worked fairly well but could use a little tweaking. As part of the December tradition, Charlie launched his Christmas tree on an E motor. No reindeer were hurt on this flight. With just a little bit of peer pressure, Brian also launched Hermes the Elf. Hermes returned to earth safely but had no comment on future flights.

One interesting note, we had at least 3 different Crossfire rockets launching this month. Should we do some drag races with them?

Next month’s theme – New Year, new rocket. What in your build pile?

We had a total of 67 flights and burned 72 motors!

9 – A motors
19 – B motors
33 – C motors
2 – D motors
3 – E motors
5 – F motors
1 – G motor

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