CENJARS Agust 2018 Launch Report

CENJARS August 2018 Launch Report
We had a great day on Sunday, August 5th, for friends, food, and flights! Two months in a row we have had good weather and successful launch days, which is a nice change after last winter and spring. The weather was hot and sunny on Sunday, and we had a great crowd of people. We had our annual picnic, with the club providing sandwiches and drinks, and others bringing sides and desserts to share. Many delicious foods, including homemade ice cream and other delectable desserts. Two new members joined and we had many familiar faces and some new ones enjoy the day. Hope to see everyone again!
We had one rocket that was lost out of sight and another that took a swim in the pond across the street, but it survived to fly again later in the afternoon. In total we had 62 flights with 68 motors including multi-stage and cluster rockets. Totals by motors are below:
14 – A motors
16 – B motors
15 – C motors
9 – D motors
7 – E motors
4 – F motor
3 – G motors
Join us on September 2nd for our next club launch and bring your “Back-to-School” rockets! Maybe a “pencil” drag race can be held?

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