CENJARS April 2022 Launch

Good morning CENJARS,

Tomorrow is the CENJARS April launch and the weather forecast looks good albeit a bit windy.

We will be holding an eggloft competition with prizes and we will be hosting a Scout troop from Toms River. Several people have contacted me about flying with the club as well. I hope you welcome them all and assist them as well as the Scout troop.

I will have eggs and a score sheet for anyone that wishes to attempt NOT making an omelette tomorrow. We will need some assistance to monitor the flights of those competing. The criteria will be simple, time aloft. Those with mobile devices that can setup a stopwatch feature are requested to time competitor’s flights. I may pickup a stopwatch today.

The Scouts have a number of rockets that were donated to their troop and would like to fly them. They will need some mentoring as well. Eric, Joe and myself attended one of the troop’s meetings and have seen their cache of rockets. These are young, grade school age, Scouts and many have not flown rockets before.

I have a little 3D printed token for all CENJARS members that attend the launch too.

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