CENJARS April 2019 launch report

CENJARS April 2019 Launch Report

A wonderful hint of spring! We had another great turnout for our April launch including several new families and a TARC team. We also had the return of Mike C. who is one of the founders of CENJARS. The winds forced us out to the far side of the field, so we got some exercise, but a great day all around.

The TARC competition had a very difficult challenge this year. They had to launch not just one, but three eggs representing the three astronauts in the Apollo flights. They also had to achieve a specific altitude and a specific descent time. This was the first rocket launch for most of the members of this TARC team. Unfortunately, they had several learning experiences. We truly hope they will be back next year and get more practice flights in.

We had our own egg loft competition with three competitors. Wonderfully, all three brought their eggs back intact. The prize is a rare rocket kit called Nimbus. Not sure if it is related to Harry Potter’s Nimbus 2000.

In addition to some glider flights from Dan, we had an RC glider rocket. Most impressive.

There was a total of 46 flights and 51 motors burned. Here are the motor totals:

16 – A motors
12 – B motors
13 – C motors
7 – D motors
3 – E motors

Our next launch is scheduled for May 5th. We will be celebrating Mother’s Day, Star Wars Day, and Cinco de Mayo.

The 50th Anniversary of the Moon landing is July 20th.

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