CENJARS May 2022 launch

Hello CENJARS, It’s time once again for our monthly pilgrimage to the Wall High School Athletic Complex to collectively poke holes in the sky — CENJARS Rocket Launch Sunday, May 1, 2022 is a go. The weather forecast, while still not ideal, should be amenable to our lofty quest. The day should see moderate temperatures […]

CENJARS April 2022 Launch

Good morning CENJARS, Tomorrow is the CENJARS April launch and the weather forecast looks good albeit a bit windy. We will be holding an eggloft competition with prizes and we will be hosting a Scout troop from Toms River. Several people have contacted me about flying with the club as well. I hope you welcome […]

CENJARS April launch 4/10

Attention CENJARS fliers, Next month’s (April’s) launch will *NOT* be held on the first Sunday of the month. It is being postponed to the 10th of April. This is due to a large component of our club attending MDRA’s Red Glare launch event. The April 10th launch will have two special events: First, a scouting […]

CENJARS March launch postponed to 3/20

I know you are all itching to launch but, once again, mean Mother Nature seems to be playing whack-a-mole with Spring everytime it tries to make an appearance. The current weather forecast is for rain beginning this evening and throughout tomorrow. Mixed with that rain is the possibility of snow and high winds. Sunday has […]

CENJARS January 2022 Launch 1/2/2022

As my first post here as your new Grand Exalted High Poobah of CENJARS, I’d like to say that I hope everybody’s Christmas was chock full of cheer, friends and family, and that Santa left you a plethora of new rocketry stuff under the tree! If he didn’t, you’ll need to fly more old rockets. […]