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April Launch Date

Our April 1st Launch has been moved to April 8th due to the Easter Holiday. It will be held at the same time and place:12:30 pm at the 18th Avenue field.

GOES Launch from Cape Canavarel

Courtesy of TomSerioPhotography

Successful SpaceX Launch!

Way to go SpaceX and Cape Canaveral. Watch the launch HERE.

December 3rd Launch

Rocketeers, It’s time for our December launch.  This Sunday December 3rd at 12:30 at the 18th Avenue site.  It’s holiday time, so what holiday themed rockets do you have?  Weather reports look good.  We should be setup near the parking lot as well. Happy flying, Charlie

October Launch Report

CENJARS October 2017 Launch Report (as reported by Jon Henbest) Following our annual meeting at Attillio’s we enjoyed a busy afternoon of rocketry.  Some new friends and exciting launches made for an enjoyable afternoon.  The rain held off and the winds were light enough to allow for some more powerful rockets than we have been able […]