CENJARS January 2020 launch

Happy New Year Rocketeers,

It’s a new year, time to fly some new rockets. I’ve got one waiting on the final finishing. What’s in your build pile?

Well, we will fly if the weather cooperates. Right now, they are calling for high winds but diminishing later in the day. We’ll make a decision Sunday morning.

Happy flying,


CENJARS December 2019 Launch Report

After postponing due to some rather nasty winter weather last week, our December launch was held this past Sunday. Those rocketeers that made the monthly pilgrimage to the 18th Avenue launch site were greeted with clear sunny skies and steady, but manageable, winds out of the south.

Despite the steady wind, the unofficial theme of this month’s launch seemed to be “go big or go home” as a large majority of the flights that were completed used either a C, D, or F motor! Rocketeers used a variety of different techniques to combat the wind while getting some serious altitude, such as long streamers, large spill holes in parachutes, Jolly Logic Chute Releases (set for 300ft, of course), and steep launch rod angles.

There were a number of crowd pleasing flights, such as Dan’s egg-lofter which left the rail in a hurry powered by an 18mm D21 composite motor. Joe Z also flew his versatile Super Big Bertha twice, once “low and slow” on a D12-3, and then later he ramped things up a few notches by launching it on an F45!

Overall, we burned 38 motors on 36 flights. Here’s the breakdown:

6 – A motors
4 – B motors
14 – C motors
8 – D motors
0 – E motors
6 – F motors
0 – G motors

Our next launch will be Sunday, January 5th 2020. Until then, have a great holiday season and remember to use these cold winter days to work on thinning out that build pile!

See you around,
John Falcone

CENJARS December launch postponed to 12/8

Hello Rocketeers,

Oh, the weather outside is frightful! Certainly frightful for rockets. We’re postponing to next Sunday, 12/8.

Stay dry,


CENJARS December Launch 2019

Hello Rocketeers,

I hope everyone will have a happy thanksgiving. This Sunday is our scheduled holiday launch. The Christmas trees will be flying! Well, maybe they will be flying. The weather reports aren’t very good for this Sunday. If we need to postpone to next Sunday December 8th, I will send something out early in the morning.

Stay tuned for some changes to the emails that I send. I’m looking into using Google Groups. I should have that worked out soon. In the meantime, gobble, gobble.

Happy flying,


CENJARS November 2019 launch report

CENJARS Annual Meeting & November Launch Report

A great day of rocket action started off early for the November launch with our annual meeting, which took place down the road at Attillio’s Pizzeria. Those in attendance had a great time eating pizza, talking rockets, and discussing business. Once we got to the field we found sunshine and clear skies. Gusty winds meant most rocketeers kept their flights low, but the wind direction was favorable allowing us to maximize the whole field for rocket recovery.

We celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 12 mission this month, and while the stiff winds kept our Saturn Vs grounded, club president Charlie Kirlew launched both his Mercury Redstone and Little Joe II to commemorate the occasion. The moon even made a daytime appearance to be a backdrop for the flights! Be sure to check out the photos and videos he and Brian posted on the Facebook page.

Some other flights of note were Ray’s Estes Corkscrew which lived up to its name, getting plenty of “oohs and ahhs” from the crowd as it wound its way to the heavens on a C6-3, and Brian’s Mega Der Red Max which shredded eardrums on its way to apogee powered by a G80 skidmark.

Overall, we burned 41 motors at this month’s launch, here’s the breakdown:

8 – A motors
17 – B motors
10 – C motors
5 – D motors
1 – E motor
1- F motor
1 – G motor

At the annual meeting, the following officers were elected to 1-year terms:

President- Charlie Kirlew
Vice President- Jim Zindle
Treasurer- Mike Centrella
Secretary- John Falcone

Be sure to join us Sunday, December 1 for our next launch!

See you then,
John Falcone