CENJARS May launch update

Hello Rocketeers,

Just wanted to let you know that we are looking at May 19th for our
postponed launch. Keep your fingers crossed that the weather stays nice and
there’s no issue with using the field. I will send out a reminder

Happy flying,


CENJARS May 2019 launch

Hello Rocketeers,

It’s time for our May launch. We plan on celebrating Mother’s Day, Star Wars Day, Cinco de Mayo, and anything else that is special to you. Right now, the weather reports are not encouraging with rain in the forecast. Jim Zindle will be doing the Go/No Go call for us so stay tuned to the email notifications.

Speaking of forecasts, we have a few events coming up.

May 18th from 8 AM to 3 PM is the Innovator’s Fair in West Windsor.

June 15th from 8 AM to 3 PM is the Family Camp at Quail Hill Scout Camp.

July 20th from 9 AM to 5 PM. The 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Please let me know if you will be available to help with these events.

Happy flying,

Charlie Kirlew

CENJARS April 2019 launch report

CENJARS April 2019 Launch Report

A wonderful hint of spring! We had another great turnout for our April launch including several new families and a TARC team. We also had the return of Mike C. who is one of the founders of CENJARS. The winds forced us out to the far side of the field, so we got some exercise, but a great day all around.

The TARC competition had a very difficult challenge this year. They had to launch not just one, but three eggs representing the three astronauts in the Apollo flights. They also had to achieve a specific altitude and a specific descent time. This was the first rocket launch for most of the members of this TARC team. Unfortunately, they had several learning experiences. We truly hope they will be back next year and get more practice flights in.

We had our own egg loft competition with three competitors. Wonderfully, all three brought their eggs back intact. The prize is a rare rocket kit called Nimbus. Not sure if it is related to Harry Potter’s Nimbus 2000.

In addition to some glider flights from Dan, we had an RC glider rocket. Most impressive.

There was a total of 46 flights and 51 motors burned. Here are the motor totals:

16 – A motors
12 – B motors
13 – C motors
7 – D motors
3 – E motors

Our next launch is scheduled for May 5th. We will be celebrating Mother’s Day, Star Wars Day, and Cinco de Mayo.

The 50th Anniversary of the Moon landing is July 20th.

CENJARS April launch

Hello Rocketeers,

It’s time to “scramble” to our next launch. Isn’t this “eggsactly” what you were looking for? Want to guess what the theme is for this month? Yes, an egg lofting contest. I will bring the eggs and I will have at least one rocket that you can borrow to participate. You have to provide the motor, starter, and wadding. Recommended motor is an 18mm C motor. There will be prizes and some rules as soon as I make them up.

Right now, the weather reports are looking good with light winds and mild temps. A great day for rockets. We will be having a TARC team working on their qualifying flights. They have to launch three eggs at one time. They will be launching on F motors.

Hope to see you there.

Happy flying,


CENJARS March 2019 launch report

CENJARS March 2019 Launch Report

Yo! The groundhog said early spring. I guess Mother Nature didn’t listen. Despite the dire predictions for nasty weather, we were still able to hold a decent launch with 31 flights.

Since we had some relatively light winds, there were a number of D, E, and even F motors. Jim flew a Bid Daddy on an E12 that CATO’d just after launch. No damage to the rocket so he flew it a few minutes later and a D12.

Brian brought a prototype of the Planet Probe that we might use for the Apollo 50th Anniversary celebration. He put little lander feet on it and made some skins that had the CENJARS logo and a lunar lander graphic. It flew very well.

There was a total of 31 flights and 31 motors burned. Here are the motor totals:

7 – A motors
2 – B motors
9 – C motors
4 – D motors
5 – E motors
2 – F motor
0 – G motors

Our next launch is scheduled for April 7th. How about an Easter egg launch?!

The 50th Anniversary of the Moon landing is July 20th.