CENJARS June launch 6/9/2019

Hello Rocketeers, We are GO for launch this Sunday. It might be a bit breezy but mild temps. Happy flying, Charlie

CENJARS June 2019 launch postponed to 6/9

Sorry Rocketeers, It looks like most of the afternoon will be wet with some occasional high doses of electricity. We’re postponing to next week. The forecast looks good for 6/9. Stay safe and dry, Charlie

CENJARS June 2019 launch

Hello Rocketeers, Yes, it’s almost June and time for another launch. Let’s celebrate Father’s Day by bringing dads out to a launch. How many of you have a Big Daddy rocket? Right now, the weather reports aren’t very promising. We’ll let you know what the plans are early Sunday morning. Upcoming events: June 15th Quail […]

CENJARS May 2019 launch report

CENJARS May 2019 Launch Report Our May launch was delayed until May 19th due to weather and Mother’s Day. We had a beautiful blue sky but some winds keep most launches to lower powered motors. Guests from Central Regional High School’s rocketry club joined us again, and enjoyed seeing a Estes Mammoth launch on an […]

CENJARS May launch

Hello Rocketeers, We are go for launch this Sunday. The field is available and the weather reports are ok for now. They were great this morning. Now they are changing their minds again. Fingers crossed, Charlie