CENJARS April 2019 launch report

CENJARS April 2019 Launch Report A wonderful hint of spring! We had another great turnout for our April launch including several new families and a TARC team. We also had the return of Mike C. who is one of the founders of CENJARS. The winds forced us out to the far side of the field, […]

CENJARS April launch

Hello Rocketeers, It’s time to “scramble” to our next launch. Isn’t this “eggsactly” what you were looking for? Want to guess what the theme is for this month? Yes, an egg lofting contest. I will bring the eggs and I will have at least one rocket that you can borrow to participate. You have to […]

CENJARS March 2019 launch report

CENJARS March 2019 Launch Report Yo! The groundhog said early spring. I guess Mother Nature didn’t listen. Despite the dire predictions for nasty weather, we were still able to hold a decent launch with 31 flights. Since we had some relatively light winds, there were a number of D, E, and even F motors. Jim […]

CENJARS March launch

Hello Rocketeers, It’s time for our March launch. Our theme for this month is spring! Launch a tree or a flower. Right now, the weather reports are kind of iffy and not very spring like. There’s a possibility of rain in the afternoon but we don’t know when it will start. Next week doesn’t look […]

CENJARS February 2019 launch report

CENJARS February 2019 Launch Report Ah, Spring! Well, it almost felt like it. We had some warm temps for February and some light winds. That brought out the big rockets and the daring rocketeers. We had a number of cluster and multi-stage rockets at this launch. Jeff went wild with stages flying a Trifecta, a […]