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January 2016 Launch Report and Officer Election

CENJARS January 2016 Launch Report Happy New Year! Considering it was January, the weather wasn’t too bad for our launch. A little on the cool side, but the winds made it feel even colder. It could have been a lot worse. 3 – A motors 10 – B motors 3 – C motors 2 – […]

April and May Launch Reports

MAY Today’s launch was pretty long and fun . We didn’t lose any rockets this launch . it was also very warm out side. We also had all different kinds of motors today we had 12 C,7 A,6 B,4 E, 1 D, and 1 G. Our secretary Antwone Freeman was our LCO today . CENJARS […]

January 11th Launch Report

At our first launch of the year we braved the cold and had a grand old time. Our New President, Chaka Freeman, likes motors with high altitude and everything he flew this day landed across the roadway onto the lake. Unfortunately the bushes beat Jim’s pole and gained a rocket, the Outlaw, may you forever […]