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CENJARS launch today 10/14/2018

Hello Rocketeers, Just a reminder that we have a launch today. Also, we are changing the launch reporting procedures. We will start using flight cards instead of the sign in sheet. This should speed up the launches. If you want an Excel copy of the launch card, drop me a note and I’ll send it […]

CENJARS October 2018 launch 10/7

Hello Rocketeers, Welcome to October. Kind of spooky isn’t it. The theme for this month is Halloween. I am going to try to resurrect my Witch’s hat. What are you going to fly? Also, the new session of one of my favorite TV shows will be airing during the launch so I need to celebrate […]

CENJARS September 2018 Launch report

CENJARS September 2018 Launch Report Back-to-school and Back-to-Rockets! What an amazing turnout on Sunday, September 2nd! Our good luck with the weather continued this summer as the winds were light and the temperatures warm. Keep your fingers-crossed that the good weather continues into the Autumn for our coming launch days. With the wind direction, everyone […]

CENJARS September launch

My apologies for the late notice. Hello Rocketeers, It’s time for our September launch. Yes, the unofficial end of summer is approaching. Lighten your hearts with a rocket launch. The theme is “Back to School”. The launch will be at 12:30 at the 18th Avenue field. Time to practice your spot landings! Coming up on […]

CENJARS Agust 2018 Launch Report

CENJARS August 2018 Launch Report We had a great day on Sunday, August 5th, for friends, food, and flights! Two months in a row we have had good weather and successful launch days, which is a nice change after last winter and spring. The weather was hot and sunny on Sunday, and we had a […]