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CENJARS February launch cancelled

Hello Rocketeers, We’re cancelling the launch for today. The winds are a little too bitter and the field is still snow covered making walking and retrieving rockets a little challenging. We are scheduled to launch in 2 weeks and it looks like the snow will be gone by then. Go build something, Charlie

CENJARS launch postponed to 2/21

Hello Rocketeers, The freezing rain has made the field difficult and dangerous to navigate. We are postponing the launch to next week. The weather for next Sunday looks a lot more favorable. Stay safe, Charlie

CENJARS February launch postponed to 2/14

Hello Rocketeers, With rain and snow in the area, we’re postponing to next Sunday, 2/14. Right now, those forecasts aren’t great either with high winds. There’s a chance we will try for the 21st if the 14th doesn’t work out. Stay warm, Charlie

CENJARS February Launch 2/7

Hello Rocketeers, It’s time for our February launch. The weather reports are not looking promising at the moment with rain and possibly more snow in the forecast for the 7th. The 14th looks a little more promising if you are a penguin with a high temp of 27 degrees and a bit windy. If we […]

Launch report January 2021

CENJARS January 2021 Launch Report Sunshine and moderate temperatures lured a great group of CENJARS rocketeers to the launch site this past Sunday, January 10th. It seemed most were eager to get a reprieve from their cabin fever and punch a few holes in the clouds. Before the fun commenced, however, we held a brief […]