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CENJARS August 2017 launch report

CENJARS August 2017 Launch Report What a wonderful day for a rocket launch. Even the winds cooperated and even got better as the day wore on. Naturally as the winds calmed, the bigger motors came out including several clusters and 2 stagers. And if that wasn’t enough, we had our annual picnic at the field. […]

It’s time for our annual picnic. This year we will be having it at the field. The club will be providing sandwiches and drinks. If anyone wants to bring a salad or dessert, that would be great! I will need a headcount so I know how much to order. Please let me know if you will be there by Friday 8/4.

CENJARS June Launch Report

CENJARS June 2017 Launch Report What started as a beautiful bright sunshiny day, turned cloudy and a little cool as the day wore on. Not to be deterred, a lot of people showed up, both old friends and new faces that are now friends. We had a total of 44 flights and a total of […]

CENJARS March launch report

CENJARS March 2017 Launch Report After a couple of months of strong winds and cold temps, we were desperate for launching some rockets.  It was still a bit nippy and the winds were a little strong, but they did die down as the day went on. Despite the winds, most of the flights avoided the […]