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CENJARS bonus launch 8/9

Hello Rocketeers, CENJARS will be hosting a launch for one of the local Cub Scout Packs this Sunday 8/9 at our regular field and regular time. You are all welcome to attend. The scouts will have priority but we should be able to get quite a few of our rockets to launch as well. Let […]

CENJARS August 2020 Launch

Hello Rocketeers, It’s time for our August launch. We are still faced with COVID-19 restrictions so the rules still apply from last month. August would normally be our annual picnic, but I can’t see any way that we could do that safely. If anyone has any ideas, let me know right away. We had a […]

CENJARS July 2020 launch

Hello Rocketeers,The launch is on for this Sunday 7/5 at 12:30! If you need a theme, how about something red, white, or blue? Otherwise, just launch something. The weather looks favorable. We will be doing some sensible things to keep us all healthy. The specific guidelines are below.These safety rules were put together with guidance […]

CENJARS July launch is on!

Hello Rocketeers,We have received permission from the Wall BOE to launch in July. The one caveat is that we need to follow the state rules on the number of participants. That should not be an issue with the current guidelines. We will be following new normal safety practices as listed below. We’re not doing any […]

CENJARS May and June launches cancelled

Hello Rocketeers, Since the governor has closed the schools for the rest of the school year, the Wall BOE is not granting permission to use the field at this time. They will look at the situation again in June with a possibility of granting permission in July. We have applied for permission to use the […]