CENJARS September 2019 launch report

CENJARS September 2019 Launch Report

What a wonderful day for a rocket launch! We had another great turnout for our September launch. The winds were a little on the breezy side but that just made it all fresher and better.

While the winds directed us to use smaller motors on the smaller rockets, it didn’t stop us from sending up some big stuff as well. The Jolly Logic Chute Release was well used. If anyone is planning on getting one, the magic number is 300 feet. (CR@300) It works very well at our field. I think we have at least 5 rocketeers using it now.

While we didn’t lose any rockets to the trees, we did have a few rockets spontaneously dis-assemble. It doesn’t appear that there were any construction issues, just bad motors.

We had a few notable flights. Steve K. put 3 extra parachutes in one of his rockets. Think of it as dropping paratroopers out of a plane. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough weight on the chutes to bring them back to the field. Charlie had an old Aerotech 18mm E25. Yes, an E in the 18mm format. Knowing that old motors often don’t deploy safely, he put it in a Planet Probe. Unfortunately, he didn’t get the video of it. Of course, Brian put the MDRD up on a G80 and woke up the neighborhood. How many of those motors does he have?

There was a total of 66 flights and 68 motors burned. Here are the motor totals:

18 – A motors
21 – B motors
12 – C motors
3 – D motors
9 – E motors
1 – G Motor

We have Wall Kid’s Day America coming up on September 28th. This is a chance for us to support Wall Township and thank them for letting us use the field. We will be doing demo launches and builds. Details to follow.

Our next launch is scheduled for October 6th. We will be celebrating Halloween. Will Charlie ever get that skeleton to launch? Will Brian bring back the witch? What’s in your rocket cauldron?

CENJARS September 2019 launch

Hello Rocketeers,

Yes, it’s time to go back to school that means it’s our September launch. Of course, the theme is “Back to School”. How many Skywriters can we do at one launch?

The weather reports look OK right now. Dorian may change that.

We will be at Wall Kid’s Day on Saturday September 28th doing our usual demo builds and launches. We could use your help with the builds and the launches.

Happy flying,


CENJARS August launch

Hello Rocketeers,

After an amazing celebration of the Apollo 50th Anniversary we get to do an almost regular launch. It’s time for our annual picnic and launch. The club will provide some sandwiches and drinks. We ask you to bring an appetizer, salad, or dessert. Weather reports are a little fuzzy right now, but I think they will get better as we get closer.


Yes, we are still in demand. Please take a look at the events we have on the calendar for the next couple of months and let me know if you can help.

August 9, 7 pm – 9 pm Millstone Cub Scout Pack rocket build session
August 10 , 9 am Millstone Cub Scout Pack rocket launch
September ??, Pinelands Library rocketry presentation (Date TBD)
September 28, 9 am – 2 pm Wall Township Kid’s Day America build and demo launches

It’s good to be busy and to be wanted. Questions and comments are always appreciated.

Happy flying,


Apollo Celebration still on

The celebration of the Apollo moon landing is still on. We have food trucks, ice cream, water, and lots of shade. Come celebrate with us and have a blast!

Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Celebration