New Launch Date December 14th

The December 7th Launch has been called off due to high winds.

The new launch date will be 12:30pm December 14th at the 18th Avenue location.

This launch will be dedicated in memory of Nora Kirlew, our club president’s mother, who recently passed away. She regularly attended our launches as an observer as she loved watching the enthusiasm of our young generation of rocketeers. She will be missed and may she rest in peace.

New and experienced fliers welcome to join us as are observers.

NASA Orion Launch December 4th

Launch Viewing Tickets On Sale Now at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex for Historic First Launch of Orion Spacecraft Dec. 4

On Thursday, Dec. 4, NASA is scheduled to launch its uncrewed Orion spacecraft into space for the very first time, making history as the spacecraft travels 15 times farther from the Earth than the International Space Station (ISS). This first flight paves the way for future flights that will carry astronauts to asteroids, Mars and beyond. Now, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is giving its guests the chance to share in this historic mission, called Exploration Flight Test-1, or EFT-1, with a variety of exclusive launch viewing opportunities and special events. more >

November Launch Postponed

The launch for Sunday November 2nd at 12:30 pm at the 18th avenue location has been postponed due to expected high winds.

It will be rescheduled for November 9th at 12:30 at the 18th Avenue location.



October Launch Summary

As reported by Jim Zindle:

We enjoyed a great summer of high flying fun at CENJARS launches this year. For the most part, the weather gods were kind. From photo shoots to sun drenched launches, it was a great season of fun and we thank all who came out and added to the enjoyment! Our summer ended with a great day at the Wall Kids Day America event on September 27th. From rocket builds, to informative static displays, and multiple demo launches, it was a spectacular day which captured the interest of many young visitors to the event. If you were one of those visitors, we thank you for stopping by and do hope you will join us at an upcoming launch. As autumn took hold, and a decided chill filled the air, we held our October launch on the 5th. A cool breeze kept attendance down, but not the rockets. Under beautiful blue skies we got in roughly 36 flights. With the exception of one ambitious flight which drifted off into the briar, all were recovered easily and with lots of smiles to boot! As with any event, helping hands make things go so much more smoothly. A special thank you goes out to our young rocketeers who are always very eager to pitch in wherever they can! Our next launch is scheduled for Sunday November 2nd starting at 12:30 pm. And while the days may be turning cooler, our enthusiasm to get out there and launch rockets is only heating up! Spectators and new rocketeers are always welcome at our launches, so please drop on by.

Launch Sunday

We will have our next launch Sunday October 5th at 12:30 at the 18th Ave location.

The theme is Halloween… so bring your scary rockets and feel free to wear a costume!

Hope to see you there!