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Launch this Sunday

Come to our Launch this Sunday September 7th at 12:30 pm. It will be held at the 18th Avenue location.

We look forward to seeing you there.

New, Experienced Fliers and Observers welcome to particpate

Launch Today August 3rd

We will have our launch today at the 18th Avenue location starting at 12:30pm.

Bring appropriate foot wear as it the field will be a little wet and soggy. :-)

New and experienced fliers as well as observers are welcome to attend.

See you there!

Next Launch July 6th

Our next launch will be on July 6th at 12:30 PM at the 18th avenue field.

So bring your best red white blue rocket and come celebrate the fourth of July with us!

New, Experienced Fliers and Observers are welcome to participate.

June Launch Report

As reported by Jim Zindle.
June 2014 Launch Report

If our June launch is any indication of how great our summer is going to
be, we are in for a fine season of flying that you surely won’t want to
miss! After a long winter and an iffy spring, we were finally graced with
a picture perfect day for flying and took full advantage of it. Plenty
of sun, mild temperatures, the lightest of breezes and lots of eager

As a carry over from our scrubbed May launch, two fun events were held.
Star Wars themed rockets were featured in the spirit of “May the 4th be
With You!” One quite notable was a very cool classic Death Star rocket by
Estes which soared and ejected its multiple payloads to many cheers! The
spot landing competition that had been slated for May was also held. The
objective simple, land your rocket closest to the CENJARS flag and win a
prize. With many eager participants and plenty of prizes to go around,
this was great fun. Expect to see more cool events like this sprinkled in
throughout the year, and of course we always welcome your ideas too!

As for the flights, most went quite well. In all cases, we proved gravity
still works, as what went up, eventually did come down. A good indication
of just how great a day we had, we logged roughly 53 flights. Everything
from Estes models of all sorts, to an ambitious 3 engine cluster, and
generous use of the Giga Pad for several impressive flights on E, F and
even G sized motors. With blue skies and light breezes, everyone aimed
high and had a ton of fun!

If you’ve never been to a club rocket launch, we encourage you to drop by
next time. In addition to plenty of awesome rockets flying, you’ll also
get to know a lot of great people of all ages. What better way to spend a
nice summer afternoon, than enjoying the great family friendly spirit of a
CENJARS launch? It was great to see many of the old familiar faces out,
as well as welcome the new ones too. So don’t be shy, drop on by!

By the numbers, here’s how the launches stacked up based on the engines
flown: 21 A’s, 11 B’s, 16 C’s, 3 D’s, 4 E’s, a high flyin’ F, and 2
mighty “G” motors!

Launches don’t happen without the help and participation of enthusiastic
rocketeers. Special thanks to our young rocketeer, Ricky, for stepping up
to help as Launch Control Officer, pushing the button and getting the
rockets in the air! Well done!

Keep an eye out on our website for future launch dates. The season is
still young, and the fun has just begun!

Launch Sunday

Our next Launch will be this Sunday, June 1st at 12:30pm at the 18th Avenue location.

New and experienced fliers are welcome as are observers.

We hop to see you there.