CENJARS February launch cancelled

Hello Rocketeers,

We’re cancelling the launch for today. The winds are a little too bitter and the field is still snow covered making walking and retrieving rockets a little challenging. We are scheduled to launch in 2 weeks and it looks like the snow will be gone by then.

Go build something,


CENJARS launch postponed to 2/21

Hello Rocketeers,

The freezing rain has made the field difficult and dangerous to navigate. We are postponing the launch to next week. The weather for next Sunday looks a lot more favorable.

Stay safe,


CENJARS February launch postponed to 2/14

Hello Rocketeers,

With rain and snow in the area, we’re postponing to next Sunday, 2/14. Right now, those forecasts aren’t great either with high winds. There’s a chance we will try for the 21st if the 14th doesn’t work out.

Stay warm,


CENJARS February Launch 2/7

Hello Rocketeers,

It’s time for our February launch. The weather reports are not looking promising at the moment with rain and possibly more snow in the forecast for the 7th. The 14th looks a little more promising if you are a penguin with a high temp of 27 degrees and a bit windy. If we do get to launch this Sunday, plan on some damp fields. We will make the call early Sunday morning.

Looking ahead, Our March launch theme will be Spring! Launch a flower, a tree, or something green. April will be an egg lofting contest. The rules haven’t been established but there will be cool prizes. Get your egg lofters ready now! There are many out there, a little internet search is all that is needed. By the way, Easter Sunday conflicts with our launch so I will take comments on whether we should postpone to the next Sunday, the 11th.

Happy flying,


Launch report January 2021

CENJARS January 2021 Launch Report

Sunshine and moderate temperatures lured a great group of CENJARS rocketeers to the launch site this past Sunday, January 10th. It seemed most were eager to get a reprieve from their cabin fever and punch a few holes in the clouds.

Before the fun commenced, however, we held a brief meeting at the beginning of the launch to conduct some club business. The two items which were addressed were (1) filling the vacant role of club treasurer and (2) the approval of the use of funds to upgrade our aging launch racks. I am happy to report that Tom Brieva was elected as our new treasurer by a unanimous vote, congrats Tom! Since this was our first launch of the new year, we put Tom right to work collecting membership renewal forms and dues. If you still need to fill out your membership form for 2021, you can find a digital copy on our website, cenjars.org under the “Join Us” tab, or ask Charlie for a copy at the next launch. You can submit the form and your dues to any club officer at the next launch you attend. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff…

If you’re a total model rocket nerd like myself, you may have been excited to see a few vintage 90s Estes kits take to the skies. Ray and Margaret each launched a Flash (Estes kit #2137), a neat rocket with a prismatic wrap that sparkles in the bright sunlight. Ray also launched his Shadow (Estes kit #2094) which looked like it leapt right off the pages of the 1994 Estes catalog. It flew beautifully twice on E12-4s. I also launched two of my own vintage Estes birds. One was a rocket which my father built when I was just 5 or 6 years old called Meteor (Estes kit #2025) and the other was my Fat Boy (Estes kit #2139). Is providing the Estes kit numbers so you can do a Google search for them sufficiently nerdy enough for you? While the rocket geeks among us were excited to see that some sweet rockets survived from the 90s, I think we can all be excited that the fashion didn’t.

Some other highlights included Lainey’s Der Red Max -always a crowd favorite- which took off on a B6-4. Jim and Marie each launched a B6-4 powered Hyjinx in a great drag race. Tom and Mark had an awesome flight with their Star Orbiter on a D12-5, and Franz had a nice launch with his Mark III on an A8-3. About halfway through the launch a shift in the winds did cause a few rockets to drift over the treeline. While some ended up out of reach, Evelyn was able to use the extension pole to rescue her Baby Bertha from the hungry jaws of a Rocket Eating Tree.
In all, we had 37 flights at this month’s launch and burned 37 motors. Here’s the breakdown:

A- 1
B- 11
D- 4
E- 6
F- 3
G- 0

I look forward to seeing everyone at our next launch on Sunday, February 7th!

John Falcone