CENJARS May and June launches cancelled

Hello Rocketeers,

Since the governor has closed the schools for the rest of the school year, the Wall BOE is not granting permission to use the field at this time. They will look at the situation again in June with a possibility of granting permission in July. We have applied for permission to use the fields on July 5th. I will let you know when I hear anything new.

Stay safe and be well,


CENJARS May 2020 launch postponed

Hello Rocketeers,

We’re not quite at the point where we can safely have a rocket launch. We are officially postponing the May launch. We are holding out some hope for a launch on May 17th. The state would have to let us have gatherings of more than 10 people for this to happen. If the state does change the rules, we will more than likely have other restrictions in place. The NAR has provided us some guidance on how to handle this. The CENJARS officers will be discussing what needs to be done and will let you know how we are going to do this and keep everyone safe and healthy.

Be safe and well,


CENJARS April 2020 launch cancelled

Hello Rocketeers,

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that we are cancelling the April launch due to the COVID-19 virus conditions. I hope we will be back in May but that is looking iffy, at the moment. I hope you are all well and you are working on your build pile. Post some pictures to our Facebook page.

Stay well,


CENJARS March 2020 launch

Hello Rocketeers,

It’s time for our March launch. It looks like March will come in more like a lamb than a lion this year. Launch a flower or a tree, or something green. Celebrate the returning warmth of Spring.

Happy flying,


CENJARS February 2020 launch report

CENJARS February 2020 Launch Report

After having to cancel our January launch due to inclement weather, we managed to sneak the February launch in just before some evening rain showers (and the big game). Charlie provided his signature hot chocolate to help all of the CENJARS rocketeers keep warm, and Brian brought along some delicious home-made peanut brittle to help keep everyone cheerful despite the dreary overcast sky.

While the wind was just strong enough to be a bit of a nuisance, that didn’t stop our brave rocketeers from getting some great flights in. Here are a few highlights…

Brian’s White Wolf got some serious altitude as it swiftly worked its way through the atmosphere powered by an Aerotech F50. Dan’s Lunar Patrol impressed everyone as it deployed two perfectly trimmed parasite gliders at apogee, both of which proceeded to get some serious hang time before landing softly in the field. In between taking photos and being the LCO, Charlie found time to launch a red Planet Probe to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Jeff’s oddly named odd-roc, the Khufu Pyramid, was an example of yet another awesome flight; the finless geometric shape flew perfectly, propelled by a mighty D12-3. Jimmy Z’s Big Daddy had everyone holding their breath as it managed a one-in-a-million landing, narrowly missing the pavement of the parking lot by wrapping itself around the fence.

While a few rockets did drift out of the field into the trees, it appeared that all were recovered, including Franz’s Nike Smoke, which he and Charlie wrestled from an unsuspecting rocket-eating tree. All in all, there were a total of 31 flights completed at Sunday’s launch during which we burned 33 motors. Here’s the breakdown:

A – 5
B – 9
C – 11
D – 5
E – 2
F – 1
G – 0

Be sure to join us for our next launch which will be Sunday, March 1st I’m counting on some warm spring-like weather as both Staten Island Chuck and Punxsutawney Phil have predicted an early spring!

See you around,
John Falcone